Monday, 5 May 2014

Day 2: Monday 5th May (Bank Holiday)

Today I ran from my house to Castlepoint to Queens Park and then my gym (3.56miles), where I did some arm and chest exercises. I then walked down to Boscombe pier and then Bournemouth pier looking to rent some Kayaks. Found a cheap place to rent surf boards and wet suits.

Breakfast:   -2 slices of toast with a little blackcurrent jam, one mouthful of orange juice
Lunch:          -A pot of fresh noodles and carrots in curry sauce (399 Calories!), bag of fruit and strawberry smoothie
After exercise snack: -bag of celery
Dinner:        -home-made chicken curry with steamed rice
Dessert:      -An orange

Self score for day:   Exercise: 7/10       Food: 7/10

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