Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 1: Sunday May 4th 2014

 A good start: Today the sun was out and shining so I ran 10.6 miles (Home to Cemetary Junction to Meyrick Park to Bournemouth Pier to Hengistbury Head (picture one) and then back as far as Southbourne High Street (Picture two)

 I run to Hengistbury Head about once a week because at 7 miles away it is a good distance and has beautiful sights:

I also went to the gym on my way home but spent as much time in the sauna as I did working out!

I expect that eating healthily will be far more of a challenge for me than exercising...partly due to my own will power but also because my dinner is prepared for me each day and therefore largely out of my control. Here is a list of what I ate today:
Breakfast:   -2 slices of toast with a little blackcurrent jam
Lunch:          -A duck and lettuce wrap and small bag of grapes and sliced apple pieces (both from      Sainsburys)
After exercise snack: -one carrot and half a cucumber
Dinner:        -Small chicken pie, plain boiled potato and steamed green beans and carrots
Dessert:      -The other half a cucumber

Self score for day:   Exercise: 8/10       Food: 7/10

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  1. Great update. I've started drinking tomato and carrot juice incidentally. Hengistbury Head looks good in the photos and no doubt someday I'll go back there - it's where I contemplated life in 2009 before Taiwan! Roll on Day 2's update ;-)