Sunday, 4 May 2014

Intro: May 4th to June 4th

Yesterday was 3rd May: the day Millwall maintained their championship status. Of course, not only did I go to the game but I also went to a bar in London Bridge before the game and bars all over Greenwich afterwards...ate a pub lunch and generally did unhealthy things...however, this was carefully orchestrated as it was also going to be the last day before my 1 month detox started! I even had a 11:45pm Kebab so I could start my new clean living from midnight.

Why am I Detoxing for a month? Well I have a lot of reasons: I generally live a pretty healthy life: I run at least 25miles a week, rock climb, go to the gym and can easily run 15miles without stopping but my eating habbits and alcohol consumption let me down a lot. Every year I arbitrarily nominate a dry month and stick to it and this is a natural extension of that. I was also really inspired by the recent visit of my good friend Corinne Luescher...she had just returned from a meditation retreat in Thailand and it spurned me on to do something similar

On a night out (after a few to many) we sat down and hammered out our plans for a Detox Month and here are the rules we finally agreed to stick to:
1) No Booze...full stop!
2) No Sweets
3) No Coffee/Milkshakes*
4) General healthy eating
5) Do sport everyday
6) Daily update to each other on progress (this is my first blog and should help)
*We can break rule 3) if we perform an exceptional exercise (eg. half marathon race)

Wish us luck, please! Corinne, I know we can do this :-)

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  1. Great first blog Neil and I also detox every now and then - it's a really healthy thing to do. Recently I had a month of the sauce when backpacking in Iran and also 6 weeks off in Hong Kong. Look forward to following your blog! Jonny